• Date: June 2008
  • Duration: 1 week
  • Currency: Argentine Peso
  • Lasting impressions:
    • I definitely need to come back… There is so much country, culture, and history in Argentina, it would take months to do it justice.
    • Empanadas and alfajores! Argentina is most famous for steak and red wine, but these snacks were my favorite. Empanadas are widely available any time of day and with a broad range of fillings, making for the perfect meal or snack on the go. Alfajores are rich sandwich cookies, often with layers of cookie with chocolate or caramel spreads.
    • Vibrant street murals, some of which paid tribute to national heroes and others which protest political issues.


  • Buenos Aires – 3 days
  • Puerto Iguazu – 3 days


Buenos Aires

Getting there: Airplane


  • La Recoleta Cemetery, a large and tightly packed collection of ornate memorials and graves. Argentineans pay great respect to the deceased, and the ornate cemeteries are an impressive testament.
  • La Boca barrio, a working-class neighborhood filled with soccer fervor and street art. Home to Boca Juniors, an impressive youth soccer program that has produced many national team players since the early 1900s.
  • Plaza de Mayo, a hub of historical colonial buildings near the water, including the Red House, Metropolitan Cathedral, and Cabildo National History Museum.
  • 9 de Julio Avenue, a vast thoroughfare through the city, the widest avenue in the world at 10 lanes. You’ll feel small in comparison.


Puerto Iguazu

Getting there: 16 hour luxury bus ride (!) from Buenos Aires 


  • Iguazu National Park. When anyone mentions the “famous waterfalls” in South America, they are talking about Iguazu. We spent two full days here walking around the Argentinean side of the park, following the wooden walkways below, alongside of, and above waterfalls of all sizes.
  • Coati is the dominant species in the park, with the looks of a raccoon and the saunter of a cat. They’ll nuzzle right up to you for a bit of your snack.

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